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Twin Saga
Twin Saga

Twin Saga Launches Open Beta for All Players

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Twin Saga Launches Open Beta for All Players

It was announced by Aeria Games, that it has started the Open Beta for Twin Saga, the new free-to-play anime MMORPG from popular developer X-Legend Entertainment. During the Founders’ & Closed Betas that took place over the past three weeks, players from three territories logged in over 700,000 times and dedicated a collective 250,000 hours to the game—even so, only 22 players were able to reach the level cap.

Check out the Open Beta launch trailer of Twin Saga, featuring a cutscene with all the available classes and some monsters:

“The game team has fielded over 7,000 comments from players and implemented hundreds of corresponding adjustments to the game. Starting today, everyone can join in the fight to save the breathtaking anime world of Twin Saga! Interested adventurers can sign up at TwinSaga.com, download the client, and dive right in.

To celebrate the start of Open Beta, a brand-new trailer will debuted on YouTube today. The trailer shows off the game’s gorgeous art style and offers a glimpse of some of the characters and enemies players will face. Starting with the Open Beta, players will be able to play the new Dragonknight class: warriors forged from the draconic powers of flame, light, and wind who bear the fearsome strength and combat prowess of their namesakes. In addition to the new class, players can take advantage of a higher level cap—now set at 65—and a number of new dungeons to explore.

In Twin Saga, players find themselves in a world devastated by a war between two preternatural sisters which has pushed mankind to the brink of extinction. Adventurers can choose from ten powerful classes—with the freedom to switch classes without changing characters—and can deal devastating damage with amazing combos and spectacular Ultimate Moves. Each Twin Saga player will also have their very own Terracottage, a technological marvel which allows for fast travel across the vast and beautiful continent of Meridia.

Players still have the option to purchase one of the seven available Founder’s Packs, which offer a broad range of items including several exclusive costumes and mounts for players looking to show off their personal style.

Twin Saga delivers an eye-popping, anime-style game universe, a dynamic selection of swappable classes, a unique housing system, and thrilling PvE and PvP combat.”

For more information on Twin Saga, visit its official website.

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