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Twin Saga
Twin Saga

Twin Saga Introduces Terracottage

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Twin Saga Introduces Terracottage

Twin Saga brings a new way to experience traveling in a new way! The anime MMORPG from developer X-Legend Entertainment and publisher Aeria Games will feature a fresh new concept of player housing in a online game. This new housing system is called “The Terracottage”, a mobile house that all players will be able to access early on. The details of this housing system has been released on the game’s official website.

Check out the Terracottage video of Twin Saga, explaining some of the features of this new housing system:

“The Terracottage allows for fast travel in a technological marvel across the vast continent of Meridia. But it also doubles as a player’s home, with several floors designed to fulfill all of their adventuring needs. The main floor is completely customizable; collectible furniture and wallpaper can be placed and adjusted to a player’s preference. It is also where friends can visit and jointly open up a community chest that offers loot for all!

The remaining floors contain the Workshop and Greenhouse, where players can put their six professions to good use. They will be able to grow a multitude of plants for materials, and craft all kinds of useful items, from potions and food to gear, costumes, and furniture for the house. Throughout the house, friendly NPCs and a player’s Senshi (battle companions) will gather and frequently offer quests.

Twin Saga will be released in English, German and French, and it will be free to download and play.

Aeria Games is a leading publisher of multiplayer online games in the free-to-play market with a rapidly growing community of more than 70 million registered players and a broad spectrum of development partners. A fully-owned subsidiary of ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE, Aeria Games is a Berlin-based company with satellite offices in San Francisco and Seoul. The company develops and publishes high-quality PC, mobile, and browser-based games worldwide in nine languages. Aeria’s diverse portfolio includes such titles as the popular anime MMO Aura Kingdom, the action shooter A.V.A., the football manager Goal One, and many other games from a wide range of genres.”

For more information on Twin Saga, and to sign up for the closed beta, visit its official website.

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