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Tricky Towers
Tricky Towers

Tricky Towers is Coming to Nintendo Switch

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Tricky Towers is Coming to Nintendo Switch

WeirdBeard Games announced today that their magical block stacking puzzle game Tricky Towers will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch on October 1st.

Check out the announcement trailer of Tricky Towers, featuring some gameplay footage:

Co-founder Niels Monshouwer says: “A Nintendo Switch version of Tricky Towers has been our most requested feature since the console was announced. We have had a ton of requests across social media, email and even a few in person!’’ 

You can pre-purchase the game now for €14.99 and Gold coins in the Nintendo eShop, with 20% discount.

About Tricky Towers

Tricky Towers is a frantic physics tower building game where your wizard character uses magic to stabilize your tower, or to undermine the structure of your opponent’s tower. The game not only grabbed the interest of over 1 million players worldwide across the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation®4, it has also proved popular with streamers such as Lirik, YOGSCAST, GameGrumps and Sodapoppin.

Tricky Towers is an easy game to get into, yet truly competitive when played in tournament format. It brings out all kinds of emotions from laughter to surprise and even a thirst for vengeance!  While the game has a friendly appearance, make no mistake: it can heat things up in the living room when people get competitive, and the ice blocks won’t cool things down. With tournaments taking place across several different matches and game modes, there’s always a chance to make a comeback. Luckily you can practice anytime with single-player score challenges and 50 wizard trials!

The Nintendo platforms have always been welcoming to gamers of all ages, so it was a no-brainer to listen to our fans and get Tricky Towers on the Nintendo Switch™. To make sure the port to Nintendo Switch™ went smoothly, WeirdBeard Games worked together with the Spanish porting studio BlitWorks, making use of their plentiful experience with the console.

Not only will the game be made available for you on October 11, WeirdBeard Games have made sure to also port all free and paid DLC. Expect five additional brick skin packs, four spirit animal characters and a special Indie Friends DLC pack with even more characters to choose from. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a special offer for the early birds among us!

Pre-purchase Tricky Towers now for the Nintendo Switch™!

Full Press Release – Source. For more gaming news, visit our website.

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