Link from Zelda Breath of the Wild
Link from Zelda Breath of the Wild

Top 10 Features and Changes We’d like to see in Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel

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Top 10 Features and Changes We’d like to see in BOTW’s Sequel

Zelda: Breath of The Wild was one of the Switch’s best hits when it first released. Now that it’s announced to be getting a sequel, there’s tons of things to expect. We at gaming instincts will tell you the top ten features that we would like to see in Breath of the Wild’s sequel.

10: Save Recipes In-game

This feature is more of a quality of life update, saving recipes in game. Look, I love cooking in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Just gather up a bunch of ingredients, put them in the pot and watch it simmer. Well aside from how unbelievably easy it is to cook, remembering recipes may be a problem to most people. After realizing you can’t mix and match buffs, cooking can be very straightforward. But what about those few special recipes that require some higher quality ingredients that you may not remember? Well those probably deserve to be written down, but an in-game cookbook would be cool too.

9: More Mounts

So, Breath of the Wild has several different types of horses in it. It’s got plain colored ones, ones with spots, and a couple of rare horses like Ganon and Zelda’s horse. You can also ride a couple of animals such as a bear, but those can’t be kept in the stables. Well I do believe that the game could use some more mounts in this case. After witnessing Link ride a bear and the rare motorcycle, I think that the sequel can handle more animals for Link to ride, such as the elephant seen in the teaser.

8: Fishing

You can catch fish in this game, but not fish. That’s right everyone, you just jump into the water, and straight up pick up the fish as you swim. Since that’s a bit odd and feels almost less-rewarding. Fish are indeed important in the game and fishing would probably slow things down. Well we never see any RARE types of fish to cook, or sell, I think that fishing would probably be a good pastime in Breath of the Wild’s sequel.

7: Methods of Transportation

Ok so we have horse, we have motorcycles, and we have bears, but surely there are other ways to get around besides finding the biggest mountain and just glide everywhere. Maybe we can have other types of transportation other than, teleporting to a stable to get your horse back. In the past we rode trains and rode boats, so maybe one of those two will make a return in the sequel.

6: More Overworld Events

Not a lot happens when you’re exploring on your own. Other than the wayward dragons that appear in certain areas and the Blood Moon that happens once in a while and that’s about it. The only other types effects in the world include rain and thunderstorms, which can electrocute a metal’d-out Link.

We also occasionally meet a passerby on the main roads that may or may not be a Yiga assassin, but they’re not too big of a problem. I think that we can probably go for more types of weather effects and more types of events to happen in the overworld, such as becoming a wolf? Probably not but we can dream.

5: Bigger and Better Cities and Towns

Remember Twilight Princess and the Town of Hyrule? It was basically a fun little hub area that had just about everything. There was a shop that your friend worked at that gradually became the best one in town. There was a carnival where you can win prizes in if you can use your grapple-hook correctly. Do you guys remember the man who turned into a statue? I do, and saving him and his cat was a very big payoff.

Aside from getting missions, I think some other ways towns could be improved is to have more dynamic events such as an enemy raid from bandits or monsters. Otherwise the towns feel like little checkpoints for you to stop by for a minute rather than actual interactive town, which is fine but they could add more in the next game.

4: Swimming and Boating

So for some reason, Link has no underwater swimming capabilities, he can kind of doggy paddle in some waters before drowning, and swim in some shallow water to grab a fish or two, but not swim fully underwater. While this may be a relief for anybody who’s afraid of swimming underwater to fight giant eels, the game felt a bit strange knowing you can’t swim underwater even in Zora’s domain.

Additionally we can probably hope that boats will make a return. Though the only way I can see that working is if the sequel revolved around exploring different types of islands in an open-sea adventure just like Wind Waker, but if we can hope to go fishing in Zelda again, we can have some boats.

3: Enemy Variety

Do you guys know how many Bokoblins and Moblins are around in this game? There are so many of these guys in camps, strong weapons, and sometimes rare treasure. Of course this does get monotonous after seeing your 50th Bokoblin defending a watchtower in a camp. You just notice that these guys are everywhere. Aside from the Wizzrobes and Lizalfos hiding around, these guys are the main cannon fodder of the game, aside from their upgraded versions.

If we can get something new in the next game, we can hope for some more types of enemies to fight around Hyrule or wherever we’re taken to next.

2: Shrine Variety

After around your 30ths shrine, you may notice that the designs for each shrine don’t necessarily differ. Sure the puzzles are unique to each shrine and  you can find several way to complete them, but the overall design of each shrine is all just ancient stones and glowing blue energy. It definitely doesn’t change around your 100th shrine. Hopefully we can get a bit more variety in between the shrine designs later on in order to break the monotony.

1: Play as Someone else.

As much as we like Link, Breath of the Wild shows many characters and champions that aid you on your adventures against the divine beasts. Well maybe in order to give players a change of pace, we can switch to other characters. Of course the champions in Breath of the Wild may not be in the Sequel, but Zelda herself makes a great candidate as a playable character.

She is well and alive, and she is seen traveling alongside Link since the events of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, or something like that, so maybe she’ll play an important role in the next game as usual. Well here’s something else, there’s a possibility that since she’s travelling with Link, she may be a co-op character to help Link along with this new adventure.

While there’s nothing official about this, I think that this will work in either co-op or just standalone in some missions. For now, we can only hope.

Well this is the top ten features we’d like to see in Breath of the Wild’s sequel. This has been Gaming Instincts and I’ll see you soon.

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