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Time Tenshi 2
Time Tenshi 2

Time Tenshi 2: Special Edition Receives a New Update

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Time Tenshi 2: Special Edition Receives a New Update

It was announced by Silver Cow Studio Rose, that Kyo, Tessa and Michelle return with all-new choices and routes in Time Tenshi 2: Special Edition. This expanded and updated edition of the popular visual novel sees girls adventuring into the past to prevent history from being catastrophically altered, and now offers players the chance to decide their own future in over 30 romance-driven choices, unlocking an array of in-depth new scenarios if enough Affinity Points are earned with each girl.

Check out the trailer of Time Tenshi 2: Special Edition, featuring the games’ characters and a bit of the story:

“Players will discover the malicious secrets of Chrontek, a shadowy group seeking to change the course of history to suit their own purposes, as well as a weapon more powerful than anything the Time Tenshi have seen before. And for the first time, Kenji Johnson – the player’s character – can join the Time Tenshi in adventures through history to ancient Stonehenge, the Ryukyu Islands near Japan, and more.

Time Tenshi 2: Special Edition features plenty of humour, ecchi fanservice, suspense and action, as well as brand-new artwork and character illustrations featuring the girls in their casual outfits. And if players make all the right calls along the journey… they might just unlock a special romance finale with the girl of their choice!

About Silver Cow Studio

Silver Cow Studio are the developers of popular visual novels Time Tenshi and Burokku Girls on Steam, known for their unique combination of bold visual fanservice and engaging plot. YouTube coverage of Silver Cow Studio’s visual novels has already amassed over 4 million views from popular channels, with an overwhelmingly positive response from the community and keen support among the studio’s fans.”

For more information on Time Tenshi 2: Special edition, visit its Steam page.

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