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THQ Nordic Teases Unanounced Titles
THQ Nordic Teases Unanounced Titles

THQ Nordic Teases 2 Unannounced Titles To Be Revealed During E3

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This year’s E3 event is right around the corner and their are already plenty of promises from several companies keeping fans frothing at the mouth. The latest teases was dropped by THQ Nordic as they released a press announcement stating they have two unannounced titles ready for reveal during E3.

The first title is said to be a remake of a beloved galactic franchise while the second reveal will be a “new vision of a beloved franchise”. There’s already some speculation as to what these unannounced titles could be, including TimeSplitters, Destroy All Humans! or Alone in the Dark.

THQ Nordic Teases Unannounced Titles Screenshot

THQ Nordic has plenty of IP and franchises under their label and most recently have released Darksiders III, Red Faction Re-Mars-tered Edition and Pillars of Eternity II just to name a few. They also have already announced game Biomutant as one of their more notable upcoming releases, though there’s yet to be an official release date announced for the game.

Stay tuned for more updates on What THQ Nordic has cooking and be sure to check out our E3 coverage during the annual event next month.

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Source: Gaming Bolt

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