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Stable Orbit
Stable Orbit

Third Major Update Announced for Stable Orbit

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Third Major Update Announced for Stable Orbit

It was announced by Green Man Gaming Publishing and Codalyn, the third major update to their immersive space station builder Stable Orbit. Players can now design more intricate space stations than ever before as the ‘Perihelion’ update adds new depth to the Stable Orbit experience.

Check out the update trailer of Stable Orbit, showcasing the new features:

“As well as just streamlining the Stable Orbit gameplay, this update is really about enhancing the immersiveness of the simulation. Additions such Research Contracts, add a richer detail to the resource handling element of the game,” said Stable Orbit developer Jim Offerman.

“For one week only Stable Orbit will be available to purchase with a 25% discount.

Features in the update include:

Research Contracts

Players can now earn rewards by completing some or all the research contracts offered to them. Basic contracts let you study Enzymtic Reactions for easy money, while others may offer big wins and unlock upgrades to your Station – but only if they are accepted before they expire! 

Module Unlocks and Upgrades

Unlock new, larger, modules as well as upgrades that can be installed on (some) modules. Upgrades come in two forms: “standard” upgrades, which can be installed at will and “special” upgrades, of which only one can be installed per module. Standard upgrades include things like capacity boosters for storage modules. Special upgrades allow players to do things like specialize their laboratories for research in one particular area e.g. physical science. 

Waste Management

Another resource to manage and balance against the other needs of the station. If players let too much waste pile up then living conditions will deteriorate and crew will abandon the station. On the other hand, waste is a resource not to be wasted, as the new Waste Recycling module will allow players to extract water, partially closing the loop on that resource.

As well as all the features included in the ‘Perihelion’ update, Stable Orbit fans can also expect many more exciting advancements in the upcoming ‘Blackout,’ ‘Umbilical,’ and ‘Zenith’ updates. These updates will introduce new content such as disasters and events, a dynamic weather system, pressurised mechanics and many more immersive elements to further enrich the game’s trademark realism.

About Stable Orbit

THE YEAR IS 2034. It’s been five years since the International Space Station was deorbited. Space programs the world over have faltered. Against all odds, an unprecedented “All Nations Space Coalition” is formed around a shared desire to rebuild mankind’s permanent presence in space, and rekindle the space race. Who will lead this mission? You!

STABLE ORBIT is a space station simulation game. Assume the role of station commander and build the next space station!

Features – 

  • Master the most hostile environment – Space
  • A deep and challenging simulation
  • Build a realistic, fully functioning Space Station
  • Manage a number of interdependent resources, such as waste, water, food – and oxygen!
  • Take on research contracts to unlock new modules and earn money”

For more information on Stable Orbit, visit its product page.

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