TheNightfall Will be Released in January 2018

TheNightfall Will be Released in January 2018

The German developer teams of VIS-Games and SilentFuture announced today their exciting indie game TheNightfall. PC players can now look forward to an enthralling psycho horror spectacle of a very special kind!

Check out the teaser trailer of TheNightfall, featuring some of the locations on the game:

“After the unexpected success of titles such as Pineview Drive and Obscuritas, the VIS Games developer studio is once again carrying off friends of suspense-filled thrills into the depths of the human psyche. In the upcoming horror adventure TheNightfall, the player slips into the role of a young and likeable American woman named Victoria, who moves with her family to a new city to start her new job there. As it turns out, the first night in her new home is completely different than expected. Since her husband and her two children planned to follow her a day later, Victoria has to spend the first night in her new home alone. What starts with insomnia and a slight discomfort evolves into an absolute nightmare during the course of the night. Will Victoria be able to survive this night until dawn?

Settled in an US-American town, the first-person horror game does not rely on splatter effects but specifically on fine psycho horror. While the player is exploring his surroundings from section to section the increasingly oppressive atmosphere sets him more and more under pressure. The interactive environment as well as the thrilling story, the breathtaking sound effects, the realistic graphics and the eerie light and shadow effects are providing a tremendous thrill and plenty of shock effects. So TheNightfall is definitely not a game for people with weak nerves!

Next to this friends of psychedelic rock music will be happy about the original licensed soundtrack of the Düsseldorf/Germany based indie band Northpolyptica.

TheNightfall for PC will be released on Steam™ on January 12, 2018 for 24,99 EUR (RRP). A version for Mac OS will follow immediately.”

For more information on TheNightfall, visit its official website.

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