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The Runescape Gold Market

NOTE – This is a Sponsored/Guest post

Old school Runescape and Runescape 3 both have an underground market outside the games. This
consists of exchanging real life money for runescape gold.

Why people do this

Some players wish to buy runescape gold to progress faster within the game on their
account—either because they do not have the time to spend grinding endless hours and they
want to jump straight into the quality content which Runescape has to offer.

Buying runescape gold can allow players to purchase the resources needed to train a
specific skill. For example, prayer is an expensive skill to train but is useful in many
situations. So, people buy runescape gold to perhaps buy Dragon bones so that they can
train the prayer skill. This saves them the time and energy of spending hours on end making enough
money to purchase these bones.

Some players even wish to sell gold and people are willing to pay. Maybe the player has made some
spare gold and has no use for it. So, they may want to gain some sort of benefit from it and sell it to
another player for money. Some players even sell their gold or accounts if they decide to quit

How RS Gold sellers/buyers benefit

If gamers look at runescape gold sites, they will notice the sites follow a structure used in real life. They
buy gold a cheaper price and sell it for a little bit extra, allowing them to make
their profit from providing this service. This way, the player can benefit by getting real money
for their runescape gold, and the supplier can also make a little profit as they buy and

Whether It’s Wrong

There is no denying that buying and selling runescape gold is against the rules, however, this
game has actually had a great impact. Real people in countries such as Venezuela are able to support
their families and keep themselves alive and healthy through playing Runescape and selling
gold. In addition, there is no denying that this is far greater than a simple game rule.

How It’s Done

The process is simple. Sellers meet the player in the game; they will provide a location and
a Runescape username to trade; players give their runescape gold and then sellers will send them the
money via their preferred payment method. People use a variety of payments such as PayPal,
Bitcoin, Bank transfer, etc.

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