The Medium

The Medium Gameplay Reveal

During Microsofts Xbox Series X games reveal, Bloober Team revealed the gameplay for their new psychological horror title, The Medium.

The protagonist is a mentally disturbed spirit medium who goes around traveling to supernatural places in hopes of cleansing them. In the past, the trailer showed a small piece of the story of how a woman must enter a spirit dimension to cleanse disturbing and supernatural forces haunting various areas along her journey. She ventured through dark forests, and hellish Silent Hill-like areas that seem all too horrific to be real in this world. This time it’s revealed The Medium has something unique in mind to visit the other world.

To cleanse the spirits, she must enter another reality which simultaneously reacts to what she does in real life. Based off what’s shown this seems true as another camera shows the medium in the normal dimension moving in an abandoned hospital while the white-haired version of her is walking through a terrifying rusty cavern. Showing two worlds at once is an interesting take on the horror genre as players can see what’s going on in both the spirit world and real world at the same time.

What was once just a normal wall to cut through can be a wall of flesh that the woman must slither through in the spirit world. The Dual-Reality can introduce some interesting gameplay mechanics as some things may only be visible in one dimension, such as secret doors. Additionally, the monsters players will face may even become invisible unless looking into the spirit world, as doors can be opened and noises can be heard for almost no reason.

However the gameplay turns out, Bloober Team’s The Medium shows promise through the Dual-Reality gameplay. The Medium is coming Holiday 2020 to PC & Xbox Series X.

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