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TLOU Remake and Factions Almost Complete. Possible Fall Release Featured Image
TLOU Remake and Factions Almost Complete. Possible Fall Release Featured Image

The Last of Us Remake and Factions Almost Complete. Releases Soon

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The long-awaited Naughty Dog standalone project, as well as PlayStations 2013 smash hit, The Last Of Us. Is rumored to be close to completion and ready to play. So close to completion in fact, that a release in the second half of this year seems probable. That is according to an online tip on Twitter from Tom Henderson.  According to the author, this information has been given to him from “Multiple People”, who those people are and if it’s 100% set-in-stone still is unknown. VGC has since backed up Hendersons claims, stating that they received the same information but from their own sources. This may come off as a little discerning to others. However, Both Henderson and VGC have proven to be remotely trustworthy in the past, so fans of the series can rest easy putting a little trust into the claims. The tweet can be seen below.

Though the project still awaits official confirmation. News regarding a The Last Of Us remake first made its rounds last year in a Bloomberg report, the article claimed that PlayStation’s Visual Arts Service Group was the lead developer on the project until they were then regulated to a support studio. Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann also made a statement yesterday saying that he is “dying to share” the games that their team has brewing during CES 2022 and it would not be wrong to assume this will be on the list given the information leaked so far.

The Last Of Us was not the only claim made in the tweet with the online tipper also stating that he believes that the Naughty Dog standalone multiplayer project also is not far off from completion. Though other than Henderson’s and VGC’s claims, there still lies an air of uncertainty. Despite this, the community remains hopeful that they will see the return of their beloved game later this year.

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