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The Gunk
The Gunk

The Gunk Gets December Release Window

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Upcoming Sci-Fi game The Gunk, being developed by Image & Form (which is part of Thunderful) was given a release window of December this year during the Xbox Showcase at Gamescom 2021. Image & Form might be more well-known to gamers as the developers behind the popular SteamWorld Franchise.

This was announced alongside a brand new trailer for the game. Thunderful confirms that the game will release December 2021, though no specific date is being offered at this time. Being developed on the Unreal Engine 4, Thunderful explained that the game will run at a stable 30FPs for the Xbox One, while it will hit 60FPS and up to 4k visuals for the Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Gamers will take the role of Rani, who, alongside her partner Becks land on a mysterious alien planet. There the two characters encounter the titular gunk slowly spreading across the planet. This gunk is slowly damaging their new environment so the two set out to suck up this gunk and revert the planet back to its beautiful natural state.

While the trailer is short it does show off the many environments that the game has to offer, as well as the puzzle-solving elements that the player will have to navigate along the way. Of course, the highlight here is the characters removing the gunk that blocks their paths and threatens this world.

Thunderful’s Ulf Hartelius stated that the game will boast several environments such as “a rocky canyon region, a dense jungle, deep subterranean caves (we couldn’t help ourselves) and a few more surprises, too.” Rani will be equipped with a power glove named pumpkin to help suck up the gunk and traverse these environments.

The Gunk will be available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC upon its release later this year.

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