The protagonist of Blasphemous.

The Game Kitchen Teases Blasphemous Updates

Blasphemous has had quite a bit of success since its release, but the game was also seen to release with bugs and glitches. Fortunately the developers at The Game Kitchen have been busy fixing these glitches in the meantime. The team was eager to address these bugs through an update on the game’s steam page which you can read here.

Time for the bugs to pay for their sins…

In that sense, we’re pleased to announce that there is an update coming very soon that should address the most critical issues reported by the community, including:

  • Expected fix for player saves being corrupted on rare occasions.
  • Expected fix for player progress partially resetting on rare occasions.
  • Softlock fix after beating Tres Angustias.

The full patch notes will be shared when the patch goes live in the near future, it’ll include gameplay, geometry, bug and quest progression fixes.

Basically, the developers want to tackle the most game-breaking glitches that includes resetting progress, and corrupted saves. Fortunately the patch will be able to come soon as these sound like some serious issues.

The game is going to be including some “quality of life” features and some expansion on the in-game world.

For other news regarding Blasphemous, check out here.

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