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The Falconeer Is Out Now For PC And Xbox Series X/S
The Falconeer Is Out Now For PC And Xbox Series X/S

The Falconeer Is Out Now For PC And Xbox Series X/S

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The Falconeer, publisher Wired Productions and Indie developer Tomas Sala’s new project, is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

A vision made possible through the collaboration between video games publisher Wired Productions and Indie developer Tomas Sala, who is best known for his work on the Skyrim Mod series: Moonpath to Elseweyr, The Falconeer promises moment to moment aerial combat that will have players on the edge of their seat. 

In a press release for the game, developers touted specificities for the game, stating there will be over 12 hours of gameplay, an engaging story, and an ambient original soundtrack to fully immerse the player in the world of The Falconeer. The soundtrack was scored by award-winning composer Benedict Nichols, who has worked on a bevy of Indie games in the past, alongside voice over artists Tegen Hitchens, Mikee Goodman, and Carolina Stiles. 

“Become the Falconeer and soar through the skies aboard a powerful Warbird. Uncover secrets lost to the sea as you join or oppose different factions and clans scattered throughout The Great Ursee. Take advantage of multiple Falconeer classes with individual stats, weapons and warbirds that can be upgraded through winning battles, completing quests, discovering secrets, or applying Mutagens or Chants. Use ocean thermals and energy to dive, dodge, barrel-roll, and twist to gain advantage.”

The game offers unique dog fighting gameplay that requires a mix of twitch reactions and knowledge of the systems involved, including the individual stats and builds mentioned above.  

The trailer shows some of the arenas the player and their falcon will be fighting over. A tumultuous storm rages, the ocean dashing on the rocks of fortresses and the ironclad ships below. The titular Falconeer will not only have opposing warbirds to contest with, however. The player will also have to fight off strongholds, ships, and flying alien creatures in order to calm the seas once and for all. The trailer shows a multitude of different and unique arenas, with concepts that won’t be spoiled here. The Falconeer clearly draws inspiration from games like StarFox, with outrageousness to boot. 

To celebrate the release, players can get an additional 10% off their purchase by joining the livestream on Steam right now. The sale ends November 17th. 

The Falconeer is out now, available for PC and Xbox Series X/S

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