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The Division 2 artwork
The Division 2 artwork

The Division 2 Update 6.1 Released Alongside In-Game Holiday Event

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Title Update 6.1 is now available for The Division 2, bringing with it fixes to gameplay and quality-of-life improvements.

In addition, the update brings with it a special holiday event that can reward players with a weapon that shoots snowballs. The event is called ‘Situation Snowball’ and was announced last week. ‘Situation Snowball’ introduces a “free care package that includes a Santa hat for any players who log in between now and January 7, [2020]. As [players] explore Washington, DC, [they’ll] also encounter elusive hoarder enemies, recognizable by their Santa hats; take one down, and they’ll drop an exclusive Sleigher gun that shoots snowballs and confuses any enemies it hits.”

Moreover, the event implements new apparel for Division Agents, known as the ‘Silent Night’ apparel event. 35 new cosmetic items and grants a single free Apparel Cache key to anyone who signs into The Division 2 during the event. Year One Pass owners get three additional keys. “In keeping with the holiday spirit, players can now gift the Apparel Event caches that they purchase to other players.”

Furthermore, Update 6.1 implements the brand-new Hardcore Mode. Players brave enough to endure tackle Washington, DC’s dangers in this mode will come to find that death is permanent, meaning they will have to start at the beginning of the game with a new character, if they are killed. Hardcore Mode is still in beta, and has more features planned in the future. Players who “manage to survive long enough to level up their Agents” in Hardcore Mode will also be granted special rewards.

The Division 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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