Division 2 Third Update Delayed
Division 2 Third Update Delayed

The Division 2 Continues To Build With Third Major Update Incoming

Just over a month ago, Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft released their third-person looter-shooter sequel, The Division 2. The game has been praised overall for its innovations to the original game design, while beefing up the amount of content packed into the game day one.

It seems that Ubisoft isn’t done updating their latest title, as the third update is heading over to The Division 2 – and with it comes plenty of new and exciting features for Agents to get their hands on.

First off, Red Storm and Massive Entertainment are increasing the damage to the exotic weapons found in the game. Many fans have been hoping for some tweaking to these unique weapons, as many of them seemed not worth the effort as they barely showed any difference in DPS. It’s good to know the developers are keen on creating an experience that speaks to its player-base.

Dark Zones are also being enhanced so players will be able to discover gear that crosses over the 500 cap threshold into 515. These Dark Zone drops will be the only area in the game where players can obtain such high level gear, making for an enticing reason to explore the more dangerous areas.

Contaminated loot will also have more of a focal point in the latest update, as players will now see an increase in the contaminated loot bag size to six. The Extraction Loot events will also seem more worthy of player’s time as more contaminated loot will reportedly drop to keep things interesting. Also, tougher bosses will guarantee a contaminated loot drop, further pushing players towards more unique loot.

Finally, adjustments such as weapon normalization, skill buffs in PvP regions and several new mechanics to fine-tune the overall online experience. The third update will also debut the new eight-player Raids which has been highly anticipated since the game’s launch last month.

The third update was set to release at the end of this month on April 25, 2019, however, Ubisoft has announced that there will be a slight delay into next month for the next update. Considering all of the new tweaks and changes, it seems like a fair trade off to wait just a little bit longer.

For help or tips on the Division 2, check out our Stats Guide and Fast Leveling Guide to get you through the game faster.

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