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The Coalition To Show Unreal Engine 5 Demo At GDC

Microsoft-owned studio The Coalition may not be ready to unveil their next title in their next game just yet, however, at the upcoming Game Developers conference they will be showing off a tech demo for the Engine that will run it. The studio is most well known for continuing the Gears of War franchise, using Unreal Engine to run them, similar to previous games in the series. Since the franchise was created by Epic Games it should be no surprise.

A panel was announced for the studio at the GDC, to take place Tuesday, July 20th, in which they will show off a tech demo for the engine entitled Alpha Point. This demo will be running on the Xbox Series X. Up until this point many of the major showcases of the Unreal Engine 5 have been seen running the power of the PlayStation 5.

The demo was set up so that the developer could evaluate the power of the engine. In particular, it will utilize the Nanite assets available to developers within, as well as the real-time lighting potential of Lumen. Another thing that will be demonstrated how it’s integrating the MetaHumans character creation into the demo.

As the session’s description reads “Performance and memory observations will be covered for Xbox Series X and S, as well as VFX, Blueprint, material setup, Temporal Super Resolution, and Virtual Texture findings.” While this doesn’t offer us any new look at the multiple projects in the works, these smaller projects allow developers to get used to an engine. It is extremely likely everything shown off during this demo will be implemented by the studio in the future.

The one-hour session will be available to pass holders for the GDC event taking place between July 19-23. These passes include All Access Pass, Core Pass, Summits Pass, Audio Pass, Expo Pass, and Independent Games Summit Pass. While not as Glamorous as E3, the GDC offers unique looks at the development process that offer a deep insight into the process that helps shape your favorite games.

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