Tetris 99 Offline Mode DLC

Tetris 99 Receives New Offline Mode DLC

Tetris 99 released earlier this year to rave reviews combining the iconic Tetris formula with the immensely popular battle royale genre. While the game continues to see success with its free-to-play approach, players hoping to conquer the game in offline mode or without the Switch Online Subscription service were left in the dark. That is, until now.

Nintendo has announced a new DLC for Tetris 99 which introduces two new offline modes to the game. The Big Block DLC will allow players to play the base Tetris 99 experience against AI opponents in the first mode, while the second mode appropriately introduces the traditional Tetris ‘Marathon’ mode that has become a living legend since its inception back in 1984.

The new DLC will charge players looking for the offline play a fee of $9.99 while the base online experience is still free-to-play. However, if you’re looking for online competition, players will need to fork over a fee for the Switch’s online service. The game also plans to add some new flashy skins to the game in the future, including a nostalgic inducing Gameboy skin.

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