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Terminator: Resistance Artwork
Terminator: Resistance Artwork

Terminator: Resistance Receives New Gameplay Footage

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Terminator: Resistance has received ten minutes of new gameplay footage by Reef Entertainment, the company behind the game’s development.

Until now, there hadn’t been much revealed about Terminator: Resistance, fans of the movie franchise having to settle for tidbits of information at sporadic intervals to decide whether or not the upcoming shooter was worth their time.

The aforementioned gameplay trailer showcases a short cinematic and transitions into some combat features, mostly gunplay. Gathering from the trailer, combat looks pretty standard for most first-person shooters, but the in-game dialogue also features a choice-based system. Evidently, the choices players make when choosing dialogue options will affect the outcome of certain scenes and the story as a whole, but the extent of these effects is unknown.

The Terminator movie franchise has often been a sci-fi classic, and Terminator: Resistance features many sounds, from adrenaline-infused music and eerie ambiance to the zapping of certain weapons in combat and cacophonous explosions of post-Judgment Day warfare.

If the gameplay footage is any indication, Reef Entertainment does a decent job of portraying humans as physically inferior to the T-series and their other cyborg allies, as humans do not possess the same strength or tough exteriors as their ruthless enemies.

Moreover, unique enemies appear in the trailer, from small spider cyborgs to aerial foes with which players must contend. Fighting these tough exoskeletons with primitive weapons makes for some lengthy combat scenarios, as gamers must often unload an entire magazine to take enemies down.

Not many instances of the Terminator have been featured in video games. So, depending on the success off Terminator: Resistance, a new trend may develop.

Terminator: Resistance is set to release on November 15, 2019 in Europe and Australia, and on December 10, 2019 in North America. The game will launch for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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