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Tencent Forms New Publishing Label

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Tencent Games has launched a new publishing label which they called Level Infinite, which is intended to deliver “high-quality games to a global audience.” Level Infinite will have offices located in Amsterdam, as well as Singapore, offering international publishing services, technical and production assistance, market analyses and insight, as well as assistance with esport integration.

The label’s initial launch lineup is set to include Synced: Off Planet and Don’t Starve: Newhome, as well as Tencent’s own title Arena of Valor. Level Infinite was also stated to help offer studios looking to self-publish their titles support. To that end, the publishing label has already forged two major relationships to this end, Warhammer: Vermintide developer Fatshark, and GTFO developer 10 Chambers with that goal in mind.

Tencent Games global chief exec Michelle Liu stated the launch of this label symbolizes the companies “evolution as a global publisher and trusted brand.” This announcement will probably stand as the last major move for the holdings company, which has already had a very busy year.

Earlier this year Tencent acquired Sumo Group, most known for their developer Sumo Digital, for $1.27 Billion. Additionally, the company announced the opening of a studio located in both Seattle and Los Angeles, known as Team Kaiju. This studio is in the process of developing a AAA first-person shooter title, aimed at western audiences.

Tencent also announced that a AAA free-to-play open-world title based on their popular MOBA game, entitled Honor of Kings: World is also in development. While the Honor of Kings Mobile title has been largely popular outside of America, their first attempt to bring the franchise into the country was largely lackluster.

Currently, Tencent is being blocked in China from updating or launching games as they undergo an investigation on practices. While much of that has been kept quiet, the company has been looking to expand out of China amid crackdowns on government regulation on video games.

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