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Improbable Devs Working On RPG
Improbable Devs Working On RPG

Team Of Veteran Developers Working On RPG From Improbable

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It seems the creators of the SpatialOS are well underway with their new project as an impressive team being lead by former BioWare GM Aaryn Flynn is running the Edmonton, Canada branch. Other notable assets of the nearly 50 member staff include former developers who have worked with AAA studios, such as Capcom and Ubisoft.

While Improbable doesn’t include many household titles in their library just yet, the ongoing feud between the studio and Unity has kept them in the news. Their multiplayer cloud-based platform SpatialOS is beginning to pick up steam and is currently being used for massive online titles like Worlds Adrift, and the incredibly massive battle royale title, Mavericks: Proving Grounds (featured image).

The company has opened up two new studios – one of them being the Edmonton branch, and the other located in London, UK. While there’s been no news as of what the London branch is currently working on, we do know that the former BioWare GM-lead Edmonton branch is focusing on bringing an online RPG utilizing the SpatialOS tech along with Unreal.

And while many may want to label their currently unnamed RPG as an MMO – due to it being an online RPG title – an interview with Game Informer revealed that Improbable CEO Herman Narula insists it won’t include traditional online RPG features.

“So what I do feel comfortable saying is that I’ve told Aaryn (Flynn) from the beginning, ‘Think about how we can make players have a greater say in what we create together.’” – Improbable CEO Herman Narula

There’s currently no release window or official title for Improbable’s debut online RPG, but stay tuned for more updates on the game as the development continues.

Source:  Game Informer

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