Team Gotham Announces Solo

Team Gotham Announces Solo

It was announced by independent Madrid-based studio Team Gotham, Solo, their passion-fueled exploration game about love. Players travel through an archipelago, solving puzzles to pursue enlightenment about this mysterious phenomenon. The game’s colorful, illustrative style brings a distinctive look to the project, along with the game’s imaginative, metaphorical approach.

Check out the Announcement trailer of Solo, featuring some gameplay footage:

“With an expected release in Q1 2018, the team has launched a funding campaign on Fig today at . The campaign runs through February 23 with a goal of $64,500 for the development, publishing and marketing of the game on PC and Mac.

The game begins by prompting players about their current and past relationships, whether they will play as a male or female sailor and the gender for their beloved. Each island the sailor visits represents a unique puzzle to solve and presents the player with different questions. Just like love, there is no single path, and players can discover a variety of ways to solve the puzzles.  Each island represents a unique aspect of love to explore: wind represents the passage of time, magnetism represents attraction, water represents tears and sadness, and fire represents passion and destruction.

Vlambeer’s indie game pioneer Rami Ismail calls Solo “A very personal, meditative and gorgeous game.”

About Team Gotham

Team Gotham is a Madrid-based indie studio formed by 5 people who met at university more than 6 years ago. The team is collaborating with narrative designer Jordi de Paco from Deconstructeam, who had previously worked on Gods Will be Watching.  Solo will be Team Gotham’s second game, following their prior, mystery-tinged The Guest, published by 505 Games.

About Fig

As the only funding and publishing platform created by gamers for gamers that offers rewards- and investment-based funding, empowers developers and passionate fans alike to bring well-known franchises and undiscovered indie titles to market. was established with help from a coalition of independent game developers, including Brian Fargo, Feargus Urquhart and Tim Schafer. Fig Publishing, Inc. is an affiliate of the company and was founded to give investors a way to support the development and publishing of great new games by Fig.”

For more information on Solo, visit its Crowdfunding Campaign.

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