Tchia launches March 21 For PC and PlayStation

Publisher Kepler Interactive and developer Awaceb recently announced that Tchia will launch for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via Epic Games Store on March 21. It will also be available on PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium. A ‘Tchia Oleti’ edition was also announced and will include cosmetic DLC based on  Kepler Interactive’s other games including Sifu, Scorn, Cat Quest, and Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn. A release date trailer was also released.

The game’s details via Kepler Interactive:

When her father is abducted and her home is taken over by Meavora, the archipelago’s tyrannical ruler, Tchia, the game’s heroine, embarks on a grand adventure fueled by mystical wonder and disarmingly tender moments. As players traverse this fictional land inspired heavily by the island nation of New Caledonia, they’ll be introduced to a variety of new cultures, traditions and languages. Along the way, Tchia will unlock her own otherworldly abilities, letting her soul-jump into animals and objects found across her home in order to solve puzzles, traverse freely and avoid danger. Using this ability, her trusty slingshot and a magical ukulele, players will guide Tchia as she bravely frees her home from the clutches of this tyrannical god.

Key Features

Soul Jumping – Tchia’s special gift lets her take control of various animals and objects scattered across the island. By using their unique abilities, she can solve puzzles and uncover secrets.

Exploration And Travel – Tchia can jump and glide her way across a vast archipelago and use a Tricks system to do fancy dives and cool stunts. Tchia‘s free-climbing mechanic also lets Tchia clamber up anything she wants, including the game’s physics-driven trees.

Ukelele – Whether she’s by herself or with a group of friends, Tchia can bust out her ukulele for some guaranteed good times. It can be used at key story moments or to trigger certain events, like attracting animals or even changing the weather.

Story and Music – Over the course of her heartfelt adventure, Tchia will meet her island’s people, a group inspired by New Caledeonia’s culture. With animated cutscenes that are fully voiced in New Caledonia’s traditional language, players will be teleported into a unique and immersive world.

Customization and Items – Tchia’s clothes and her boat can be customized with hundreds of unlockable cosmetic items ranging from traditional garbs to more outlandish get ups.

New Caledonia – The world of Tchia is inspired by New Caledonia, a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean and the homeland of Awaceb’s co-founders. Inspiration was taken from the rich and varied local landscapes, cultures, music, languages, folklores and traditions to create a fictional world and tell a universal story that anyone can understand and enjoy. The characters re voiced by local talent in traditional languages and subtitled in many languages including English, French, Russian, Chinese, German and more.

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