Tchia Gets New Gameplay Details

Developer Awaceb released some new details for the upcoming open-world adventure game Tchia including the exploration, soul-jumping, and ukulele gameplay elements. Tchia will launch in spring 2023 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via Epic Games Store. In Tchia, players play as the titular character and “jump into a bright adventure filled with tender moments, beautiful vistas, charming characters, and a story that contends with a young person’s place in the world.”

The new details via PlayStation Blog can be seen below:


One of the main mechanics in Tchia is called Soul-Jumping. Soul-jumping lets you take control of any object or animal you can find. Any by any object we mean just that—swim as a turtle, fly as a dove or launch yourself at enemies as a lantern plus so much more. Ever secretly wished you were a coconut? Well, now is your time!

Each object or animal you can possess allows you to experience a specific move set. And with a bit of dexterity, you’ll learn unique tricks that will allow you to chain Soul-Jumps and even use a secret feature we call the Soul-Canon! You’ll need to be careful not to deplete your stamina to keep control of your animal or object. As you explore the world and complete challenges, you’ll upgrade your stamina bar for even more Soul-Jumping action.


Tchia‘s fully playable ukulele will be a trustworthy companion throughout your journey. It’s fully playable and we’ve even been able to re-create some famous tunes by playing around with the various chords and tones implemented in this system. You’ll also encounter scripted events that will teach you traditional music pieces, but don’t worry if rhythm is not your strong suit. Tchia is super accessible, so even a Ukulele novice can complete these challenges. Getting 100% may be another story though, we can’t wait to see some of you take on the challenge.

Finally, your ukulele lets you trigger the special ‘Soul-Melodies’. Once unlocked, these mystical tunes will affect the world around you, from changing the weather to invoking magical plants and creatures to ease your journey or reach specific quest elements quicker.


Exploration is at the heart of Tchia. You can free-climb any surface and soar the skies with Tchia’s glider made of woven coconut leaves. Whenever Tchia is in mid-air, you can use special tricks to spin in various ways and show off your acrobatic skills. Those skills can also be put to the test in diving board challenges, so be on the lookout for those! That’s just one of a range of mini-game challenges to enjoy. There’s also racing, shooting ranges, and even claw machines! Each providing rewards ranging from useful items to progress in your quest, or to customize Tchia, her backpack and glider. You’ll encounter those challenges and many other hidden secrets as you sail around the archipelago’s glistening lagoons and dive to the depths of the coral reefs.

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