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Tanki X Introduces a New Map Called West Prime

Tanki X Introduces a New Map Called West Prime

It was announced by AlternativaPlatform, that a new trailer for Tanki X has been published, to celebrate the introduction of West Prime, a new major map for the upcoming tank battle multiplayer game (currently in open beta).

Check out the New Map West Prime Trailer of Tanki X, featuring the new map for the game and its backstory:

“The new map: West Prime is the 7th map so far and the first battle arena in Tanki X that is fully indoors. Due to that, it has quite unique and beautiful lighting as well as a number of new interactive elements, such as grinder, where careless tank pilots can drive their machines into to, well, get grinded to dust. The map supports intense 20-player-gameplay and rewards players who use tactical prowess, display skill, and boast nerves of steel! The map design shows the ambition of developers at AlternativaPlatform, who aim to make each new map very different from all others.

Present Days

Year 2099. For several decades, the two corporations, Antaeus and Frontier, are at war with each other.

Destructive battles rage around the deposits of the new mineral discovered after the events are known as “the first rain” – a global meteorite bombardment/shower. When the dust settled, glowing crystals with an exceptional energy generating power were found within the craters.

The main weapon for both corporations are the remote combat vehicles, created as part of the project known as Tanki X. Each of the vehicles differs in maneuverability, destructive power, and production speed. Controlling these machines is more than a profession, it’s an art, the reason why only the best pilots are allowed to control them.

Today, these remote war machines, controlled by  the best mercenaries on the planet, are fighting for control over the most valuable mineral deposits. Some joined the conflict due to the ideals of the faction they choose to fight for,  others joined for the sake of crystals or to find glory on the battlefield.

But the war is only beginning. What will you choose to fight for?



An association of international corporations, which for a hundred years fought for control of the monopoly over the production and distribution of energy resources using both economic methods and physical force.


A union of companies representing the remnants of the international energy production and distribution market. Private military companies form the backbone of the organization. Their services were no longer needed after the creation of the monopoly.

The game: Tanki X is all about fast-paced futuristic tank combat against real players. This is not some detail-heavy simulation with bricks for manuals and hundreds of statistics to memorize. Tanki X is easy to jump into, easy to play, and offers fast and furious gameplay with fully customizable futuristic tanks across a collection of exciting and dynamic arenas. The game draws its name from “Tank X”, a cheap and easy to produce combat machine introduced in 2045. Used by the major opposing forces of this era, The Frontier and Antaeus Corp, this remote-controlled and teleporting tank sees action in every war theater around the globe.”

For more information on Tanki X, visit its official website.

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