Tank Universal 2 Launches Steam Greenlight Campaign

Tank Universal 2

Tank Universal 2 Launches Steam Greenlight Campaign

Tank Universal 2 game developer Phil Ones (aka Madjack) has launched his first Steam Greenlight campaign for the sequel to the 2008 Tron/Battlezone inspired, first-person popular tank action game; Tank Universal.

Tank Universal first appeared on Steam and other selected outlets in 2008.

Watch Tank Universal 2 gameplay footage:

Inspired by the shapes and spaces of Tron and the gameplay of Battlezone, the game is heavy on action. Shells arc in, explosions batter your tank as you judge an enemy’s distance and lob shell after shell their way. Every level is different but in combat the player was just one unit amongst many on the battlefield.

Tank Universal 2 (TU2) is now under development!

TU2 Game features:

  • thrilling first person tank combat
  • easy to use FPS controls. Easy to pick up and play
  • HUD. All the information you need at a glance. Objectives listed on-screen.
  • upgrade your tank. Upgrades include rockets and drop turrets. Can you keep the same tank for the entire game?
  • attack / defend / capture. Take the fight to the enemy or defend your base from epic waves of enemy tanks
  • colourful and mysterious ‘Tron-like’ gameworld
  • 3 level demo available.

For more information visit Tank Universal 2 Steam Greenlight page.

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