World of Warcraft Classic Group Interview

wow classic

Earlier this week at Blizzcon, Gaming Instincts had the chance to attend a group Q&A meeting with WoW Classic dev team who were able to answer a variety of questions in regards to World of Warcraft Classic and the upcoming Cataclysm Classic and Season of Discovery. We got the chance to speak to the Assistant […]

World of Warcraft Classic 4K Gameplay and Impressions

Dwarf Rifleman from World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Classic 4K Gameplay and Impressions As many of you are aware the WoW: Classic demo was playable on the showfloor at Blizzcon and in our cozy rooms at home – thank you Blizzard so much for letting us play and have a piece of the Blizzcon pie for those who couldn’t attend, […]

The Blizzcon Informative: What to Expect

Blizzard Characters

The Blizzcon Informative: What to Expect Blizzcon is just around the corner and with all the upcoming excitement and anticipation, those wanting to experience the event in person, through the virtual ticket or simply a curious onlooker awaiting the trailers and news to unveil want to be aware of information on the eve of the […]

The Blizzcon Retrospective

The Blizzcon Retrospective Blizzcon, the place were developers and fans of all things Blizzard Entertainment gather to geek-out about all the new content releasing in the near future. Excitement and worry filled the Anaheim Convention Center as fans gathered around to hear what Blizzard would unfold. Questions were asked: How will the games I love […]