Top Ten Memorable Bosses from the God of War Trilogy

Ares, Kraken and Hades the Bosses of the God of War Trilogy Thumbnail

Top Ten Memorable Bosses from the God of War Trilogy I often wonder how ancient civilization, tribes or communities would depict their cultures if they understood and could use modern technology. More recently as I prepare for the God of War spiritual reboot releasing on April 20th 2018th I wonder how they would react to […]

Top 10 Super Mario Games

Top 10 Super Mario Games Mario is one of the most iconic characters from the gaming industry. When speaking of gaming culture, everyone and their mother knows about Mario, literally. Nintendo has given a special gift to the gaming market, always attempting to change the industry for the better. One of the ways they perform […]

Top 10 Turn-based RPGs

Top 10 Turn-based RPGs A long-standing genre of games that still emphasizes the importance of challenge, mixed with deep story, is the widely popular turn-based RPG. Providing tactful elements and a variety of ways to get through encounters, these games tend to be engaging adventures that offer difficulty and reward. Following a party of heroes […]