Release Window For Samurai Shodown, New Trailer Revealed

Samurai Shodown New Trailer

SNK’s mighty weapons fighter is making a glorious comeback with the impending release of the rebooted series, Samurai Shodown. After years of dormancy, the reboot will be packed with flashy new 3D visuals with a clean manga-like art style. With a long line of classic arcade fighters in SNK’s illustrious history, it’s good to see […]

Samurai Showdown Revival Coming in 2017 – Rumor

Samurai Showdown Revival incoming in 2017 – Rumor According to independent sources from – the ever wanting Samurai Showdown franchise might be getting a complete revival/reboot sometime in 2017. This would be absolutely fascinating news if it becomes a reality. Samurai Showdown was one of my favorite fighting games back in the old days […]