Project xCloud, Obsidian and Capcom – Primal Podcast #11

Handheld Devices for xCloud

Project xCloud, Obsidian and Capcom – Primal Podcast #11 Microsoft very recently announced their upcoming Game Streaming service (think of it like Netflix but for video games instead) xCloud to the public. Which now basically means you will be able to play their platform exclusive titles such as Halo: Infinite, Gears of War 5, Crackdown […]

Anthem is BioWare’s Funeral Song

Characters from BioWare Games and the BioWare Logo with the Anthem Exo-suit on the left

Anthem is BioWare’s Funeral Song If someone were to set aside morality and emotion, death could arguably be the most fascinating force in the universe—especially the process of a slow, unforgiving death on public display—like the one acclaimed developer BioWare is currently going through. If I wasn’t a BioWare diehard, I might find this all […]

Top 10 Exploration Games

Dark Souls and Xenoblade Chronicles X mash up

Top 10 Exploration Games Exploration is a very important aspect to many games. Considering all the hype over enormous open-world games, it’s important to look back at some classic paradigms of this emerging element that is nearly ubiquitous in AAA games. A world is truly explorative when the player can derive a sense of story […]