Demon Gaze II Launches November 14 in North America

Demon Gaze II Launches November 14 in North America It was announced by NIS America, that the sequel to the dungeon crawler RPG Demon Gaze, Demon Gaze II will be heading to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Europe on November 17 and in North America November 14, 2017. Check out the opening trailer of Demon […]

Release Date of Lionheart Announced

Release Date of Lionheart Announced It was announced by Fruitbat Factory, that the Japanese fantasy RPG Lionheart will release on Steam on July 31. Developed by Shiisanmei, Lionheart tells the story of Leon Lionheart and his party as they explore the forbidden depths of a magical labyrinth and meet new allies. The beautifully illustrated RPG is voiced in Japanese and has an estimated playtime of […]

Enigma: is Available Now


Enigma: is Available Now It was announced by Fruitbat Factory, that the atmospheric fantasy visual novel Enigma: is now available on Steam and other distributors! Originally developed by Uzumeya, Enigma: tells the story of a disease-stricken young man stranded on a mysterious island, and the people he meets there. The beautiful illustrations of the game are […]