Anthem Lore for Beginners

Anthem Lore for Beginners

Hey there everybody, today I’m going to be talking you through what we know about the stunning background lore for Anthem, all the factions we know about so far and the core conflict that you can look forward to changes the tides of when the game releases in February next year.

Our Thoughts on Anthem’s Villian

Hey Primal Community, it’s Jake ‘FaultyOptics’ Logan here, and today I’ll be looking at the juicy new story trailer we got to see last night at the Game Awards, and what we might have learned there.

Anthem – Exploring Fort Tarsis: Details and Showcase

So this Thursday we got a brief glimpse into the area known as Fort Tarsis in the Anthem world. This is the ‘Personal Story Hub’: an open, single-player area we are free to explore that will be where we find our missions, equipment and vendors. Today I’ll be exploring the potential of Fort Tarsis, what we saw, and what we might hope to see in the future.

Narrative Adventure Game GRIS Announced for Switch and PC


Narrative Adventure Game GRIS Announced for Switch and PC Nomada Studio and Devolver Digital have announced GRIS, a serene and evocative narrative experience, for Nintendo Switch and PC later this year. Free of danger, frustration or death, players will explore a meticulous designed world brought to life with delicate art, detailed animation, and an elegant […]

DONTNOD Presents Vampyr webseries


DONTNOD Presents Vampyr webseries Episode IV: Stories from the Dark – in the final episode of the series, discover how Vampyr blends story and gameplay. DONTNOD Entertainment brings fans into the studio one last time for a final look at the creative process behind upcoming action-RPG, Vampyr. Dontnod Presents Vampyr – Episode IV: Stories from the […]