Mordhau Sold More Than 500K Units in Its First Week


Thanks to the provided budget by fans and backers, Mordhau released on PC last week and despite some major issues in matchmaking system that somehow caused receiving negative feedback for the game, Triternion confirmed its latest title has sold nearly 500K units just in the launch week. Mordhau is a multiplayer first-person action games that […]

Mordhau Is Coming to PC on April 29


Two years ago, Marko Grgurovič and a friend of his started, created an army of two in developing a first-person hack and slash title and launched a Kickstarter campaign for their ongoing project. After gaining more than $300,000 from campaign now the time has come for backers to see what they have been supporting through […]

Indie Spotlight: Mordhau

Indie Spotlight: Mordhau A recent title willing to test its steel within the multiplayer combat genre comes from a small conglomerate of like-minded individuals known as Triternion. A collective group of modders and fans of previous games in the genre, the developers at Triternion yearn to create the experience they have always imagined in a […]