Anthem Lore for Beginners

Anthem Lore for Beginners

Hey there everybody, today I’m going to be talking you through what we know about the stunning background lore for Anthem, all the factions we know about so far and the core conflict that you can look forward to changes the tides of when the game releases in February next year.

Anthem – All Abilities and Javelins Showcased

Javelins from Anthem

Earlier today EA and Bioware have updated their website showcasing all of their 4 Javelins including the Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor and Storm and all of their abilities in both a textual format and a visual format. Here at Gaming Instincts we’ve decided to put them all under one 2-3 minute video so you can have […]

Brigitte Lindholm – Quick Lore and Hero Guide

Bridgitte Lindholm giving a helping hand as the next support hero in Overwatch

Brigitte Lindholm – Quick Lore and Hero Guide Lore Brigitte is Overwatch’s 27th hero and is the youngest daughter of Torbjörn Lindholm. Brigitte expressed interest in mechanical engineering before any of her siblings and was integrated into her father’s workshop at a young age. While her father was well known for his particular skill […]

Looking for Lore: Seigward of Catarina

The Dark Souls universe is something to be amazed at, a sprawling world with rich lore and interesting characters. Only matched by the level of thought and time it takes to truly make this game your own. I’ve personally been a fan of the series for years and when the first game became backwards compatible […]