Blue Reflection Debut Trailer – PS4 & Vita

Blue Reflection Debut Trailer – PS4 & Vita Gust has released the first trailer, and new information and screenshots of Blue Reflection: Sword of the Girl Who Dances in Illusions, its upcoming modern day, magical girl RPG. The main focus of the game is basically the social interaction between girls, where positive or negative emotions […]

Anarcute Coming this Summer for PC and Xbox One

Anarcute Coming this Summer for PC and Xbox One Anarcute, the cutest riot simulator to date, will be arriving on the PC (Steam) and Xbox One this Summer 2016. This was announced today by French student creators Anarteam, who have won multiple awards during the development of Anarcute. Watch the new “Revolution” trailer of Anarcute: In Anarcute, players […]