Gamescom 2018: Stormdivers Debut Trailer and Details


Gamescom 2018: Stormdivers Debut Trailer and Details Development studio Housemarque announced today their new IP for PC, Stormdivers, and released a Gamescom trailer that give you the first glimpse of what to expect from their upcoming game that will release in 2019. Stormdivers is a sci-fi themed third-person battle royale game, that features chaotic battles and lots […]

Housemarque Announces Multiplayer Stormdivers


Housemarque Announces Multiplayer Stormdivers Housemarque has announced Stormdivers, “a high flying and heavy hitting multiplayer-centric experience” that runs on a combination of the studio’s in-house VFX Engine and Unreal Engine 4, and uses Amazon’s Game Tech server infrastructure. Speaking at Reboot Develop 2018, Housemarque said the game will leverage the company’s core strengths, including “second to […]

Matterfall – 8 Minutes of Gameplay Video

Matterfall – 8 Minutes of Gameplay Video Sony Interactive Entertainment and Housemarque have released an eight minute long gameplay video of Matterfall. The game tasks players with survive a unique combination of platforming and bullet hell action within a “massively vertical” futuristic city being overrun by the mysterious “Matter.” Matterfall, coming to PS4 on August 15th, […]

Nex Machina Announced for PC

Nex Machina Announced for PC Housemarque, the small studio based in Finland announced that their next project Nex Machina will launch on PC as well as PlayStation 4. Nex Machina should be released next Summer on both PC and PlayStation 4. The studio also mentioned that the game can be expected to be fine tuned […]

Alienation is Out Tomorrow

Alienation is Out Tomorrow Alienation, Housemarque’s first major release since Resogun, is out tomorrow. Fans of Dead Nation will find here the same ruthless gunfights and overwhelming tide of enemies they loved to hate in their zombie title – with a boost: there’s no place to hide or escape, only skill and planning can get […]