Far Cry 5 Updated After New Dawn Seemingly Increases Player Count

Far Cry 5 New Update

It seems Ubisoft is rather pleased that New Dawn players were so enthralled by the story that they decided jump (back) into the original Hope County featured in last year’s Far Cry 5. Revealed in a quick post on the Ubisoft forum states that player activity has increased since the release of the sequel spin-off, […]

VGA 2018: Far Cry New Dawn Announced

Far Cry New Dawn

VGA 2018: Far Cry New Dawn Announced Today at The Video Game Awards 2018, Ubisoft revealed their new upcoming game from the Far Cry series, Far Cry New Dawn, featuring a post-apocalyptic world.┬áIt will be up to you to help protect a completely transformed Hope County and its survivors from two main villains (a first […]