Top 8 Looter Shooters

Warframe from Warframe

Top 8 Looter Shooters What is a looter shooter one may ask? It is essentially a shooter style game with the MMO elements of grinding and upgrading to more powerful gear, usually with a randomized system of loot. Not many games fit the description of this rising new genre, the newest game on the radar […]

Alienation is Out Tomorrow

Alienation is Out Tomorrow Alienation, Housemarque’s first major release since Resogun, is out tomorrow. Fans of Dead Nation will find here the same ruthless gunfights and overwhelming tide of enemies they loved to hate in their zombie title – with a boost: there’s no place to hide or escape, only skill and planning can get […]

Alienation ‘Introduction to the Invasion’ Video for PS4

Alienation ‘Introduction to the Invasion’ Video for PS4 Today Sony released an introduction video that reveals all the features present in Alienation, and was praised by the community to be a spiritual successor to Dead Nation where up to 4 player can take control of various types of soldiers that fight against an alien invasion. […]