Are Achievements Bad For Video Games?


Achievements have been a stable feature of gaming since the early Xbox 360 days. Every gamer knows how iconic that little sound effect is when you get an achievement. However, there are those that aren’t fans of it. Recently, Fredrik Thylander, who is a designer for the Battlefield and Mirror’s Edge series, stated that achievements […]

Google Confirms In-Game Achievements for Stadia


Google is gearing up for the official release of their break into the games industry with their upcoming game streaming platform, Stadia. The company held its first AMA on Reddit earlier this week which unveiled a piece of interesting information (among other details) regarding what will be featured on the streaming service. Asked by Reddit […]

Anthem Full Achievements List Revealed


Anthem Full Achievements List Revealed Anthem’s full Xbox Live achievements list has been revealed, it will take 46 chlallenges and up to 1,000 gamescore to take all the bragging rights. Credits to TrueAchievements and Windows Central for this list. Name Gamerscore Description No Stone Unturned 90 Complete all Bastion Collectibles challenges. Arcanist Mysteries 15 Complete […]

Leaked Achievements Confirm Sunset Overdrive for PC is Real


Leaked Achievements Confirm Sunset Overdrive for PC is Real After rumors spread for several weeks about a PC version of Sunset Overdrive, a PC game hub revealed the existence of Project Sunflower, which is alleged to be the code-name for the Port of Sunset overdrive for PC. A list of the game’s achievements of the […]

Steam Will Restrict ‘Fake Games’ Used For Achievement Farming


Steam Will Restrict ‘Fake Games’ Used For Achievement Farming Valve has notified developers that some games available over the Steam marketplace will now be restricted to 100 achievements, Valve has recently said that these achievement farming games are being used to confuse algorithms and users. Now if a game hasn’t reached the confidence metric Valve […]

Sea of Thieves – Beginners Guide to Piracy

Sea of Thieves Pirates fighting on the sea

Sea of Thieves – The Beginning of Piracy Many people have been asking how does Sea of Thieves works and how do you actually begin your pirate adventure? Well, Gaming Instincts is here to help you out and get you started on your way to becoming a legendary pirate. But before we get to all […]

Sea of Thieves – Official Game Guide

Pirates who are getting ready to find some treasure and gold and who are always on their guard in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves – Official Game Guide Disclaimer – This page will be constantly updated with new guides and content over time. How Pirate are you? Does your Gamertag strike fear into the hearts of other sailors? What color is your beard? For the first time in a decade, Rare is releasing an original title: the […]

Game Tycoon 2 Leaves Early Access

Game Tycoon 2 Leaves Early Access Kiss Ltd and the indie developer studio Sunlight Games GmbH announced that after a short delay, the critically acclaimed Game Tycoon 2 will leave Steam’s Early Access programme and move to a full release later today, Friday 8 April 2016. Originally launched on to Steam’s Early Access program in October […]