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T-Kara Puzzles Launching on Steam June 1st – 2016

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T-Kara Puzzles Launching on Steam June 1st – 2016

T-Kara Puzzles is a unique match-4 puzzle game, filled with fun variations and exciting challenges.

Loved by thousands of mobile/tablet users, T-Kara puzzles will now be coming to Steam. Launching on Wednesday, June 1 – 2016, T-Kara Puzzles will be the first Steam game to be released by Mexond. A ‘must try’ for all the puzzle lovers!

Watch a short presentation of the game down below:

T-Kara Puzzles is divided into three different main categories, all three with its own goals and variations. The game will also include daily challenges and a turn based battle mode, where players will be able to challenge friends and random opponents. Safe to say, this game is ready to provide any puzzle lover with hours and hours of playtime. A perfect way to rewind and have fun.

“Love T-Kara – I highly recommend T-Kara to true puzzlers. I work at solving at least one T-Kara puzzle everyday. Very challenging… so focus, solve, or try again. The more you solve the greater the challenge. I love T-Kara!!” / Donna

“Addicted! – Great game. I get bored with games easily. Play them a week or so and then on to “delete”. T-Kara is a definite exception. Love the puzzles!” / Shane

T-Kara Puzzles Steam features:

  • Campaign: 6 different game modes with solvable puzzles and increasing difficulty.
  • Score mode: 3 different varieties based on survival and beating challenging obstacles. (comes with Steam leaderboards)
  • Picture Puzzles: With several picture puzzles of increasing difficulty. A game mode that you will most likely hate or love!
  • Daily challenges: 2 challenges each day.
  • Battle: Challenge friends and random opponents in turn-based battle.
  • Steam Achievements
  • Full support for Steam controller, Xbox360 controller, Keyboard, Mouse and Touch.

T-Kara Puzzles is developed and published by Mexond Games. Mexond Games is a small indie dev studio located on Gotland, Sweden. Starting with web development in 2004, Mexond went into developing games in 2009 and has released several games since then. Developing for Xbox360, Windows Store (With Xbox Live), Windows Phone, Android, iOS and now Steam, Mexond is most known for the games T-Kara Puzzles, Animated Puzzles and Decoy.

For more information on T-Kara Puzzles, visit it’s Steam page.

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