SYNDUALITY Gets New Details at Tokyo Game Show

During a stage event at Tokyo Game Show 2022, Bandai Namco revealed more information on the recently announced third-person mech shooter, SYNDUALITY. Details include the game’s story, locations, and newly announced anime adaptation, along with characters and their voice actors. SYNDUALITY will launch sometime in 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

The full details via Bandai Namco can be seen below:


I’m with you.

Alone but not alone.

A player-versus-player-versus-environment third-person shooter in which the player pilots an armed vehicle (“Coffin”) and fights for resources on the surface alongside their “Magus” partner.

No two experiences are the same. The more you survive together in this harsh world and constantly adapt to its ever changing environment, the deeper your Magus partner experience.

A unique and exciting journey awaits you and your Magus.

Anime Adaptation

Year 2242: A sequel that brightly and powerfully depicts the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence in a collapsed world.

World and Story

2099 The poisonous blue rain “Blueschist” rained down on the earth. It was a calamity that continued for weeks. The “Tears of the New Moon,” as it was called, wiped out 92 percent of the world’s population. The humans that survived abandoned the surface to build the underground city-state of Amasia.

2222 Amasia has become a prosperous city in pursuit of sustainable happiness, but an incident of unknown origin causes its collapse overnight.

Some time has passed since then, and you, a Drifter in pursuit of AO Crystals, spend your days roaming the hazardous earth aboard your bipedal armed vehicle known as a “Cradle Coffin.” With your one-of-a-kind partner Magus watching your back.

Tears of the New Moon

The name of the event that occurred on the night of the new moon in 2099. An unknown, deadly poison, later named “Blueschist,” stormed down on the earth. The rain was deep-blue, not clear, and simply touching it could kill a person. The resulting environment made it extremely difficult for humanity to continue to live on the surface, so the survivors built an underground city to escape the deadly Blueschist.


A huge underground city-state built by those who survived the Tears of the New Moon. It is a city where everything from infrastructure to birth rate is regulated by artificial intelligence, and citizens are guaranteed a prescribed standard of living. The center of the city is lit by a huge cluster of AO Crystals.

AO Crystals

Energy crystals that have grown on the surface since the Tears of the New Moon. In this new era, AO Crystals can be converted into electricity and used as a new energy source. Since AO Crystals only exist on the surface, Drifters must mine for them on a regular basis.



ADA (Yui Ishikawa)

A humanoid easily mistakable for a human, with an artificial intelligence that thinks like a human. A reliable partner who rides with the player on the Cradle Coffin, and provides a wide range of support from exploration to combat. Each Magus has its own personality and appearance, and each player has a unique Magus that accompanies them. ADA is the Magus partner of Drifter Alba Kuze.

Alba Kuze (Yuuya Hirose)

Those who make a living scavenging for resources, including AO Crystals—energy crystals that have grown on the surface since the Tears of the New Moon. Originally meaning “vagabond,” the term was used with reverence for “those who could wander the harsh land.” Alba Kuze is a young Drifter who operates the Cradle Coffin “Bowie Rabbit” with his Magus partner ADA.

Bowie Rabbit

A bipedal armed vehicle operated by a human pilot and their Magus partner. Also known as a pan-weather bipedal cruiser. It is equipped with various armaments for its inevitable encounters against Enders, as well as to adapt to the harsh environment when gathering AO Crystals. The box on its back is called a “coffin,” and the part where the pilot enters is called the “cradle.” Bowie Rabbit is the armed vehicle given to the Drifter Alba Kuze.

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