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Characters from the first-person shooter, Bulletstorm
Characters from the first-person shooter, Bulletstorm

Switch Owners Can Now Play Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition

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Nintendo Switch owners are now able to hop into the frenetic first-person shooter action of Bulletstorm as Gearbox Software has officially announced that Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition is now available on the eShop. The game initially released all the way back in 2011 on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, while a remastered version landed on the current gen platforms in 2017.

Check out the official Nintendo Switch launch trailer for the game below:

You may also view the entire overview of the Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition below via the Nintendo eShop below:

Step into the boots of Grayson Hunt, an exiled member of the elite assassin group Dead Echo, after a battle with his former general sends them both crash landing on the abandoned resort planet of Stygia.
Grayson must brave the wasteland on his way to confronting the man that once ordered him to do the unthinkable. Will he get his team out alive? Or will he finally quench his thirst for revenge?

Battle your way through throngs of Stygia’s less than hospitable hosts, performing masterful kills throughout the single-player campaign using Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition’s unique Skillshot system that rewards you for executing the most creative and deadly kills imaginable.

Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition also includes “Duke Nukem’s Bulletstorm Tour.” Play through the entire Bulletstorm campaign as Duke Nukem, the original first-person shooter action hero, featuring brand-new lines from the original voice of Duke!

The Bulletstorm mayhem on the Switch is a welcome addition to the hybrid console’s already stellar collection of exclusives, indies, third-party titles and port/remasters. There’s tons to enjoy on the Switch – whether you’re playing on the go or in the comfort of your home. Even better, there’s still plenty of exciting titles set to release on the Switch later down the line.

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