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Sweet Volley High
Sweet Volley High

Sweet Volley High Brings Yuri Volleyball Action to the PC

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Sweet Volley High Brings Yuri Volleyball Action to the PC

It was announced by New West Studio, the release of the yuri/otome romance game Sweet Volley High on Nutaku.net, debuting their slice-of-life volleyball game intended for mature audiences. Featuring voice acting, branching storylines, and an entirely original soundtrack, Sweet Volley High is an indie love letter to genre-fans that mixes lighthearted humor with serious romance.

Check out the launch trailer of Sweet Volley High, featuring the games’ characters:


“In Sweet Volley High, players explore the life of Aya Mizuku, a senior in highschool pursuing her lifelong ambition of becoming a professional volleyball player. Caught between her dreams of stardom and the easy charms of her fellow players, Aya must balance her work and social life to achieve her ambitious goals. Skillful decision making and attention to detail will result in romance and success, while poor planning will leave Aya rejected and heartbroken.

Five major characters will serve as friends, rivals, and love interests for Aya throughout the course of Sweet Volley High, ranging from the temperamental team captain Nanami to soccer superstar Yuichi. Players will explore the elaborately crafted world through over 100,000 words of written dialogue, illustrated with lovingly crafted CG scenes that create a vivid world of high school drama.

Game features:

  • Multiple endings dependent upon player choices throughout the adventure, chosen through the game’s branching plot.
  • A steamy storyline mixing competitive volleyball action with intense romantic choices.
  • An entirely original soundtrack from the amazing Sam Jean.
  • Voice acting from professional actresses who breath life into their characters.
  • DRM-free when purchased from Nutaku.net.

About New West Games

Founded in 2015, New West Games is a Westminster, British Columbia-based development group whose debut title “A Wild Catgirl Appears” launched on Steam in January 2016. Sweet Volley High is their first foray into adult gaming and their first title to appear on Nutaku.”

For more information on Sweet vollry High, visit its Nutaku game page (+18).

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