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Super Seducer Game Banned from Kickstarter

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Super Seducer Game Banned from Kickstarter

It was announced yesterday by Kickstarter, that they suspended the campaign for Super Seducer, the upcoming Mac, PC, and PS4 dating simulation game from Richard La Ruina.

Check out the trailer of Super Seducer, showcasing the games’ features:

“An email received by backers and the project owner explained that the suspension was due to breaking

“…one or more violations of Kickstarter’s rules, which may include:
Inappropriate content, including but not limited to offensive or pornographic material
Spamming or abusive behavior
Offering rewards in violation of Kickstarter’s rules”

Richard La Ruina, the games creator commented “We followed Kickstarter’s rules very carefully so we believe we have been suspended due to “inappropriate content” which is totally out of line.  In the creation of the game we made sure to create something that will be positive for both men and women.  Players are rewarded for the right behaviour and shown how to give women what they want – a respectful and interesting interaction.

The production team included a female director, female actresses, and female staff on the programming side, all of whom love the project.  Typical comments from females involved are that they wish guys would play this game to know better how to behave”.

The campaign was suspended after 7 days, during which it had already raised $25,300 from fans.  Analytics show that only $70 was raised via Kickstarter, with the rest from fans of our company.  These pledges were cancelled, the money returned, and the ability to contact backers revoked. 

Kickstarter’s email further explained “As a policy, we do not offer comment on project suspensions beyond what is stated in this message.”

La Ruina added “We have been discriminated against many times as a company that teaches men seduction skills.  It’s very hard for us to buy advertising on google or Facebook, to receive positive press, or to get publishing or content deals.   In the current politically correct climate, the idea of men learning to be better with women is abhorrent.  On the other hand, there are many violent games that are played by children which feature images as graphic as any R-rated film.  It’s a surreal double standard.”

Super Seducer features no nudity, some bad language, and no violence.

“I didn’t expect to get featured by Kickstarter’s editorial team on their homepage, but I was totally shocked that we would be suspended while operating within their rules.  I hope that when the game is released, it will get a fair chance and people will see it as a positive for both men and women.”

“We spent a few thousand dollars marketing the campaign, creating the trailer, and running ads.  We are very disappointed in Kickstarter for their decision, which we see as discrimination against our business – teaching men dating skills.  We will not appeal and instead will put thism atter behind us and look forward to a successful launch in four month’s time.”

Super Seducer is still due for release on Steam and Playstation 4 on Valentine’s Day – February 14th 2018.”

For more information on Super Seducer, visit its Kickstarter page.

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