Super Mario Maker 2 Upload Limit Increases

Super Mario Maker 2 Upload Limit Increases

Super Mario Maker is one of the more popular games to come out on the Nintendo Switch. With the ability to create maps, play online and download more to play the game is perfect for platforming plans.

Well people were having problems in the past by saying that 32 maps to upload is simply too little. Well Nintendo addressed this in a tweet that can be seen here:

That’s right, players will now be able to upload up to 64 maps to Mario Maker 2. Though if you’re wanting to upload even more than that, like 100 maps, then don’t worry. Nintendo already has plans to increase the limit even further in the future.

Also if you want, you can download an official map Nintendo created to commemorate this news. From the tweet, the map revolves around using the Super Mario Land powerup and using your fireball to grab coins in places where you can’t normally jump to.

If you want to play the level now, the code is right here: 24Y-BMK-5JG

Check out our coverage of how Mario Maker 2’s Online works here.

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