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Succession Now Available for Valkyries and Tamers in Black Desert SEA

Another Succession update has been released in Black Desert SEA, this time for Valkyries and Tamers.

Players with either the Valkyrie or Tamer classes in Black Desert SEA can now utilize a new leveling option, as well as participate in various in-game events relevant to the holiday season.

Adventurers playing as Valkyries or Tamers can now level up by acquiring “Vow” and “Power of the Beast,” thereby permitting them to learn Succession skills for their respective classes. Anyone who has chosen Succession gains “powerful new skills by strengthening their main weapons.” Fans can begin acquiring Succession skills at level 56 after completing a series of Black Spirit quests.

Moreover, “a special reward event running until January 1 is also taking place to commemorate the Succession update.” Adventurers who reach any level between 56 and 60 will acquire special rewards, “including three Extra Combat EXP Scrolls and five Gold Bars 100g, depending on the level they reach.”

Players can also complete the holiday themed “You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry!” quest by talking to NPCs located in major cities, such as Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, and Valencia. Afterwards, Adventurers can complete the “Grandpa Cron Knows It All!” quest and unlock “Cron Tree Decorations” on the “Cron Tree.” A star ornament will appear on top of the tree to signal the completion once enough Adventurers have decorated the Christmas tree.

“Completing the two quests will grant Adventurers a Grandpa Cron’s Gift, which is composed of various exclusive items such as Kzarka’s Sealed Weapon Boxes and Liverto Weapon Bundles.”

Furthermore, Pearl Abyss is implementing a special guild event to the game. Adventurers can complete guild quests by December 24 to receive “Afuaru’s Maps by destroying Afuaru’s Treasure Chests.” Gamers can then use the maps to receive various rewards, including “Urugon’s Shoes and Dandelion Weapon Boxes.”

Fans can find out more information by visiting the official Black Desert SEA website.

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