Street Fighter V Plans to Be Announced for August 2019

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Lately Street Fighter V has been in a standstill. After Kage was released in December 2018, which was basically a rebalanced Evil Ryu nothing else has been added for the most part. Kage wasn’t hyped up, nor did the balance patch that came with him boost the game’s popularity.

Well everything changed on May 22, when Yoshinori Ono tweeted some big plans for Street Fighter V.

According to his Tweet, “Street Fighter Dev team has been making preparation with US and EU offices on exciting new things for #SFV.” Ono then continues to say that the big news for Street Fighter V will take place during a big event in August and that he can’t reveal any more news. He does however ask people to look forward to both Combo Breaker 2019, part of Capcom’s Pro Tour happening this weekend.

Now we know that Street Fighter V will have some sort of update or announcement on August. Furthermore, Ono also promotes the Capcom Pro Tour starting with Combo Breaker 2019. Now fighting gams are known to make announcements during fighting game tournaments, especially since Street Fighter V does the same thing during EVO. Also the announcement on August Ono refers to is probably EVO 2019. This would make sense given past announcements.

While new Street Fighter V news could be announced during E3 2019, it would make sense to announce fighting game news during tournaments like EVO 2019 or Combo Breaker 2019 where most of the fighting game fanbase tend to gather.

Overall, it looks like Street Fighter V will have some sort announcement very soon, and there are several opportunities to give players some info before EVO 2019 in August. Will there be more information on why there has been a lack of updates in the past few months? Will there also be a Season Pass to go along for 2019? More information will definitely come soon.

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