Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 Gets M. Bison and Fatal Fury Characters

During Summer Games Fest, Capcom has announced the Year 2 characters for Street Fighter 6. The characters include M. Bison and Elena from the Street Fighter series, and Terry Bogard and Mai from the Fatal Fury series. The characters will launch in Spring 2025. A reveal trailer for the characters was also released. Street Fighter 6 is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam.

Details for each character via Capcom:

Bison (summer 2024) – First appearing as a playable character in Street Fighter™ II: Champion Edition, returns! Prepare yourself for an infusion of evil as the iconic and Psycho-Powered Shadaloo crime syndicate leader continues his unending quest for world domination. And don’t forget to tune in for an exclusive first look at M. Bison’s gameplay at 8:00 a.m. PT / 11:00 a.m. ET on June 8!

Terry Bogard (fall 2024) – The long-time Fatal Fury veteran joins the fight in Year 2 alongside his iconic casual look! The skilled street fighter takes his friendly attitude straight into battle to find the true meaning of strength.

Mai Shiranui (winter 2025) – Let’s also welcome Mai, the second crossover fighter from the Fatal Fury series, to the growing Street Fighter 6 roster! As a highly-skilled Shiranui-ryuu Kunoichi, Mai brings her deadly power to the game in Year 2!

Elena (spring 2025) – Last seen in Street Fighter IV, the cheery Capoeira fighter Elena hits the streets as the final Year 2 character! Listen to the wind as you travel the world defeating opponents with Elena’s light-footed, dance-like moves.


The game’s details via Capcom, can be seen below:

Brand New Game Modes: The Street Fighter franchise continues to hone its skills and redefine the fighting genre with the introduction of three new foundational modes – Fighting Ground, World Tour and Battle Hub.

In-Game Commentating: The Real Time Commentary Feature incorporates the voices of popular Fighting Game Community (FGC) commentators like Jeremy “Vicious” Lopez and Ryutaro “Aru” Noda directly into the game! Players will have a choice of personalities to narrate matches as they happen with easy-to-understand gameplay explanations. This feature will also support subtitles in 13 languages for increased accessibility.

New Control Scheme: The Classic Control Type is back alongside a new option. The Modern Control Type allows players to jump into the action with simplified inputs. Special moves are easier to execute with this scheme by combining one button press with a directional input.

New Core Fighting Mechanics: Street Fighter 6 introduces the Drive System, a new gauge used to perform five distinct techniques to enhance a player’s offensive or defensive capabilities, including Drive Impact, Drive Parry, Overdrive Art, Drive Rush and Drive Reversal.

In addition to new gameplay innovations, Street Fighter 6 also celebrates what fans love about the franchise by uniting core fighting modes from previous titles – including Arcade Mode, online matches, Training Mode, local versus battles and more – to the Fighting Ground experience. From iconic World Warriors like Ryu and Chun-Li, to the final addition to the Street Fighter™ V roster Luke, and our new expert breakdancer Jamie, players will have a wide range of fighting styles and skills to master. We look forward to revealing more about which other combatants will join the roster of playable characters later this year.

Capcom will also have much more to share on World Tour and Battle Hub as Street Fighter 6 gets closer to launch. For now, what we can share is that World Tour is a single-player immersive story mode that pushes the boundaries of what a fighting game is and allows players to leave their own legacy with their player avatar. Battle Hub, shown only briefly so far, provides players with new and unique ways to engage, communicate and interact.

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