Sea of Thieves started off with a bit of a lacking launch with many critics and players disappointed with the meager amount of content to experience in an otherwise brilliant pirate voyage. Since then, Rare has battened down the hatches and doubled down on their efforts, bringing forth a plethora of free updates which has since made the online pirate title much more worthwhile.

With the game’s one year anniversary, Rare has announced a massive new update heading to the seas which will bring some much-needed story content titled Tall Tales. These series of story driven content will bring professional voice-over work, cutscenes and much more. The first of these tales is named Shores of Gold, and like the rest of the story content, players will have the option to replay these missions with each experience being different from the last.

Another feature arriving with the new update is the Arena mode. Players in crews of four will team up against other crews in hopes of finding the most silver within the 24 minute day/night cycle. It’s essentially a fast-paced version of the entire game lumping crews into a portion of the map that’s condensed of a handful of interesting islands. The victors of the match will be determined by who has the most silver once the match is over, and will then be rewarded with experience in gold.

Fishing will also make its debut within Sea of Thieves with the new Hunter’s Call trading company. While similar to hunting chickens and pigs in the base game of Sea of Thieves, players will spend time fishing for up to 50 different species of fish, utilizing various bait and other casting techniques. The fishing pole will be available along with the update.

Sea of Thieves has definitely take a turn for the better in regards to its rather stale launch last year. And with the latest update bringing all of these features, and more, to the game at the end of this month, the sea voyage looks like it’s just getting started.

The one Year Anniversary update is set to hit Sea of Thieves on April 30 as a free update to the game.

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