Stormgate Gets New Trailer Revealing Simu Liu

During The Game Awards, Frost Giant Studios released a new story and gameplay trailer for the upcoming RTS Stormgate announcing the involvement of Shang Chi actor Simu Liu who voices the character Warz, leader of the infernal Host. The game will include a multiplayer mode, custom games, and a “living campaign” which will continue to receive content over time. Stormgate will launch in early access sometime in Summer 2024.

Simu Liu commented on the announcement in a press release:

“When we heard that Stormgate was happening and that it was from so many of the same people who made the games that I loved growing up (and worshiped in a lot of ways), I got excited and wanted to see if I could be involved. What’s most exciting about Stormgate is that it was made by people who love RTS. This is a game that, in its DNA, is every bit the games that I loved growing up. I feel like it doesn’t get more authentic than that.”


The game’s details via the developer:

Welcome to the future of real-time strategy.

Stormgate is the new real-time strategy game from the team at Frost Giant Studios—including former developers of WarcraftⓇ III and StarCraftⓇ II. Explore an ever-evolving story through thrilling campaign missions where science fiction and fantasy collide—solo or cooperatively. Battle opponents around the world on our competitive 1v1 ladder. Team up with your friends to challenge the AI in cooperative modes. Get your hands dirty in the editor to build the game of your dreams.

Developed in Unreal Engine 5, Stormgate will support high-resolution high-definition visuals in 4K and hundreds of units in epic, large-scale wars across a variety of maps and tilesets. The user interface is designed to make real-time strategy more approachable by streamlining inputs, automatically assigning units to control groups, and enhancing gameplay. We’ve lowered the skill floor while keeping the ceiling as high as you want to climb.

Stormgate is the real-time strategy everyone’s been waiting for.

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